Concurrently with my drawings, I also like to film myself painting. In those videos, I use a special, kind of magical technique, known as WaterArt. The aim is to paint with simply regular water on watercolor paper and then drop some ink on it to reveal your design. When well executed, the result is just amazing.


My latest video takes advantage of another interesting technique called Stippling. It took me more than 90 hours (research, filming/editing not included) to complete this drawing and around 1 Million and twenty thousand dots. A big challenge for my first time with this method.


Second Guess Who? video. Let’s test your knowledges on this series of famous Masks. You’ll probably find half of them quiet easily but the rest should be more difficult. I’ll certainly make other videos in this theme, maybe ‘Hats, Mustaches, Silhouettes…’


This video is a sort of a tribute to the great and beautiful actress, Emma Watson. I liked the idea to create something around her face and an elegant animal. I chose the Swan. I’m really satisfied with the filming side; it increases the intensity of the technique with nice closeups.


A little fable telling the story of a Tiger and a Bird. I had this idea in mind of a great panoramic picture where the Tiger, sneaked around, was waiting the right time to catch the little bird. He’d takes his run-up, jump and then… Will he gets it? You’ll see…


Something quiet different this time. Trying a new concept, more funny and intriguing for the viewers. Will you be able to recognize all the famous characters (both real and fictional) behind those glasses? Let me know in the comments, I might add some cloues.


My goal in this second video was to tell a short story about both nature and a living journey. I took advantage of my previous experiences with Ink and Water and tried to enhance the beauty of the technique. It was inspired by one of my favorites poet, Lord Byron.


Everything started with this video. My very first attempt of painting with the WaterArt technique; and in the mean time, filming myself. Obviously it’s not perfect, I learned a lot since then, but it wasn’t bad for a first try. Hope you’ll enjoy watching this portrait of Keira.

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